A NEW day in the life

Happy New Year everyone!

Remember my previous post from November, the one in which I shared the sordid details of my life as an aspiring novelist?

Well, nothing has changed–and everything has changed.


I’m not going to lie, my morning is exactly the same until the time I would have normally got ready for work (I was laid off). I am still not a morning person and I still struggle in getting everyone off to school. It is what it is.

Around 9:00 am~I’m exercising now. Swear. I do 20 jumping jacks, then 20 push-ups or ab crunches, and then 20 deep knee bends or mountain climbers. I repeat this 3x. I try to squeeze in a 15-20 minute walk after lunch too. This is previously unheard of in my life.

By 10:00 am~I’m searching for jobs online, because it is a requirement for unemployment benefits. I have gone on 4 job interviews but no job offers. I am fine with this, because I would rather be a full-time published author. My husband is very supportive and wants me to finish my book too, which helps a lot. 🙂

By 11:00 am~I am writing. Honest to Green Goddess writing. Most often I am just typing and seeing what happens next, to be revised later. The more I just let it flow, the better it is. If I analyze and revise too much, I get stuck or frustrated or over critical.

Lunch~a healthy, allergy-free, delicious meal of my choosing. No rushing. No writing. Just enjoying eating in relative silence. Sometimes I get to go out to lunch with my husband on his days off. Like on a date. Yep, romance is alive and well. 😉

1:00-ish pm~Writing some more. I get lost in my writing. I sometimes can’t feel my legs because I don’t move from my chair until the kids get home.

The rest is about the same. I try not to write at all when everyone is home, because I want to give them my full attention. (Not to mention the interruptions are maddening when I am in mid-sentence.) But, if they’re off doing their own things, I sneak upstairs to the bedroom with my laptop and pick up where I left off. Or I read a book written in the same genre for the same audience, to see how other authors have achieved their success. Or I read a book on publishing and/or marketing my book.

Thank you to all of you who’ve supported me as I’ve lost 29 lbs from avoiding foods I’m allergic to. Amazing. Each time I step on the scale and see another pound or two has melted away, I am so grateful. I’m hoping to lose another 30-40 lbs. I am not attached to a certain number, but I know I had more energy and enthusiasm when I was at that previous weight. At this halfway point I feel more awake–and GLAD to be awake–than I have in a decade, so I can’t wait to see how great I will feel by the summer.  (I am on a doctor-supervised diet called the Paleo Diet, modified for my allergies.)

Life is pretty great.

Here’s to sticking to your new year’s resolutions and making 2013 the best year yet!


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