Is it 2014 already?

I find it difficult to believe that I haven’t written anything in my blog since last AUGUST. I guess that’s what happens when life takes over.

One of my tweens started junior high in September. It sucked. ROYALLY. I’m sorry, there is no other way to put it and he would probably want to kill me if I share any details as to why it sucked, so please just take my word for it. Long story short, I have been homeschooling him. It has been life altering for all of us. Out of respect for his privacy, I cannot tell you much more, except that 1. No, he wasn’t being bullied.  2. Yes, he still has plenty of social time with his friends. 3. It wasn’t the junior high teachers.  4. Most importantly, he is back to his old self: happy, healthy, and thriving.

Let me just say, I’ve learned quickly not to mention the homeschooling issue to anyone unless I am in the mood to answer dozens of questions and in many cases, defend our choice. It has been very similar to when I was pregnant with him. Friends, family, people I bare knew, and total strangers, all had advice and opinions about our private decisions about our baby. Breastfeeding or bottle feeding? Circumcision or no circumcision? Working after he’s born or staying home (as if that’s not work)? How long would I let him cry before I picked him up? Cloth or disposable diapers? GOOD GRIEF. 

Homeschooling him has been the best decision for our family. It has brought us closer together at a time when many tweens and parents start to drift apart.

It has also been frustrating and suffocating. I love him, but I have moments when I really miss my old routine. The one where everyone else rushes off to school or work, and I sit down in my lucky Halloween socks with my cup of coffee and write. I’ve been doing lesson plans and field trips to museums and the library…and it has seriously cut into my novel writing time. Blogging? Well, need I say more? 

Our younger tween is enjoying fourth grade and has no plans to be homeschooled. He joined a competitive swim club and I take him to practice three times a week. So, no, I haven’t been able to establish a new evening writing schedule either. I just write when I can.

But, that’s life. 

And somehow, in between homeschool lessons and swim meets, I still managed to finish my manuscript revision. I recently sent it to Agent Amazing. I am now writing the sequel.

Aren’t you proud of me? I did it! 

Cross your fingers for a book launch party in 2014…

Happy New Year everyone!