Inspirational indie authors get 7 figure deal!

Yeah, you read that right.

I am so excited for my fellow Michigan authors, Jack and Jasinda Wilder. Their story is incredible, and just when it seemed things couldn’t get any better for them, they negotiated an amazing traditional book deal. You can read about it here:  Indies Hitting The Big Time by Porter Anderson

I am sharing this news with you for four reasons.

1. Their story is inspirational. A few years back they were close to losing everything. They were living in Detroit, raising a large family and things spiraled to near ruin. One of them gave up their job to stay home with a sick child, then the other lost their job due to budget cuts in the school district. They had no idea how they were going to pay the next mortgage payment. They started writing erotica/romance and were able to pay bills. Then after several long months they found themselves on a bestseller list! Today they have a loyal fan base and dozens of successful books. They eventually relocated to Northern Michigan, where they are in the beginning stages of becoming vintners too. Freaking amazing, right?

2. They are indie authors, and they will stay indie authors. Today they announced that they negotiated an indie-friendly contract, to the tune of 7 figures! They will be able to continue self-publishing while creating a trilogy for the traditional publisher. Unbelievable. As far as I know, this is pretty unheard of. You can read their official blog post “Big News” here.

3. They are Michiganders. How can I not cheer for another Michigan author? These two have been such a source of inspiration to me, as well as countless others. I am smiling ear-to-ear, so happy for their success. Fingers crossed for the birth of another healthy Wilder baby later this summer, healthy grapes after the tough Michigan winter for Wilder Wines, and all their wishes fulfilled with this new contract. They deserve all the best.

4. Indie Pride! Not only does this contract turn traditional publishing heads, but indie heads as well. It shows the world once and for all that publishing has and will continue to evolve. It proves that indie authors have serious game! I’m proud to call myself an indie!

CONGRATULATIONS to Jack & Jasinda! Join me in raising a glass of Michigan wine (or juice) to toast these incredible, inspiring Michigan authors. With any luck, my husband and I will be toasting the successful release of my debut novel The Recollection of Trees (YA fantasy) very soon. 🙂