Dreambusters: BUSTED! Part II

In Dreambusters: BUSTED! I shared with you my latest revelation about people who, intentionally or unintentionally, were a source of negativity when it came to belief in my dreams. I realized there was gold to be mined from their thoughtless and sometimes horrible behavior.

I made a list of those people and/or moments and turned it into a writing resource for negative characters and situations. If I’m stuck on how an antagonist might act or what she might say, I can refer to my dreambuster list.

I hesitate to give any credit to negative people in my past, but guess what? I’ve figured out a way to use their meanness for GOOD material too.

I copy & pasted the dream buster list onto a new page. The original columns headings were:

1. Dreambuster    2. what they said/did    3. potential character/situation

I show “dreambuster” crossed out because I deleted that column after the first exercise. The power isn’t in the negative person; it is in what my imagination can do with the material they gave me.

I added a third column again, to the right of the original statement/action (between 2 & 3). I gave this new column the heading positive opposite. So now my table looks like this:

1. what they said/did     2. Positive opposite   3. potential character/situation

I kept the first column as is. That’s the raw material.

In the second column, I tried to write the opposite of the original statement. Here are some possible examples:

Negative: Poor kids can’t grow up to be rich. Positive: Any kid could grow up to be rich.

Negative: Just try to be normal. Don’t call attention to yourself. Positive: Normal is an illusion. Be yourself.

It’s like cheap therapy! Just doing this for your own affirmation could be pretty amazing.

However, I did this to create a writing resource, and it turns out it is a two-for-one list.

First, it serves as a reference as positive things that supportive characters might say to the protagonist. But secondly, it serves as a reference for conflict between antagonist and protagonist!

Let’s use something that many of our parents have said to us when their budget was tight, without realizing it might stunt our ability to attract prosperity later.

Negative: Money doesn’t grow on trees. Positive: What if money grew on a special tree?

This rich-poor theme is in countless stories. Imagine the possibilities if you just took all the statements of fear, poverty, lack, or failure from your childhood—things people might often say without much thought or mean intention—and turned them into imaginative, wonderful tales?

Look no further than your greatest teachers, your dream busters! Soul cleansing, and possibly money generating ideas are waiting inside your past!

My declaration: Hey dreambusters, you didn’t succeed in stopping my dream, quite the opposite! (pun intended)