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Happy New Year and Happy #NationalScreenwritersDay!

I’ve decided my theme for this year is empowerment. Throughout 2020 I plan to post the following on a monthly basis:

Reading challenge:

An empowering way to improve my writing and a fun peek at the behind-the-scenes of the film industry. I’ll keep a log of scripts that I read each month toward a goal of #100Screenplays in 2020. I’ve already read 5 as part of the countdown to #NationalScreenwritersDay. You can follow me on twitter or check my progress here.

Writing Challenge:

Have you ever played the party game PITCH STORM? It’s made by the creators of the screenwriting software, Final Draft. It’s hilarious and I’m going to make it a fun monthly writing prompt. Follow me on twitter or read the silliness here.

Monthly inspiration:

An uplifting message of empowerment for personal growth. May include recommendations for a book, movie or TV show, musician, artist, additions to my spotify playlists, or anything else that might brighten your day. Here’s January’s Heart Space post.

Upcoming events:

I’ll include a link to books signings and appearances.

Occasional promotions:

I’m empowering myself and fellow authors through cross promotion of genre lists (on sale or for free). These links will be at the bottom of some of my posts. If you are interested, it will be a fun way to share my book with your friends, to find more authors like me.

January book promos are:
2020 Urban Fantasy & Suspense List -discounts & freebies
Portal to Fantasy – Freebies
Fantasy & Romance – Freebies
These promos are supposed to be appropriate for my audience–NO erotica, bully romance, or explicit cover art–however, I am not responsible for the content of other authors’ works. (P.S. I still have a strict NO SPAM and no sharing my email list policy, so NO worries.)

Good luck to all the nominees for the Golden Globes tonight!

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