Bucket List

In no particular order I have set my intent to:

1. Experience Camp Mars!

2. Hug the trees and drink tea at Oprah’s house. These trees:


3. Leave flowers on my Great-Great Aunt Sadie’s grave. (I’ve been trying to track down her grave for over a decade.)

4. See one or more of my screenplays on the big screen.

5. Visit my sister in Australia. (She’s lived there over 30 yrs and I’ve never been there.)

6. Be a published novelist.

7. See a play on Broadway.

8. Laugh out loud in person with Russell Brand.

9. Splash in the Florida Gulf again, this time on vacation with my family.

10. Attend a red carpet event in Halloween attire.

11. Visit the Eiffel Tower, and shop at Paris’ Shakespeare & Co bookstore.

12. See my Detroit Lions make it to the Super Bowl!!!

13. Coffee with Jim Carrey…fun, silly, inspiring.

√Experience Thirty Seconds to Mars live in concert. 06.15.18 Chicago | Monolith Tour (pics on instagram, twitter, fb) 😍

√See my written words printed in O Magazine. 08.15 issue.

√Find my ancestor Lillian’s grave. (Grandma Lily from The Recollection of Trees is named after her.) 07.15.

√Go to a writer’s conference. 04.13 & 01.15

√Hug Shirley MacLaine. 02.22.12

√Sing along at a soldout U2 concert. 06.26.11

√Eat Mackinac Island fudge in a Mackinac Island fudge shop. 05.11 & 05.14.

√Finish my college degree. 05.08 & 12.10.

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