Bucket List

In no particular order I have set my intent to:

1. Be a published novelist.

2. Hug the trees and drink tea at Oprah’s house. These trees:


3. Leave flowers on my Great-Great Aunt Sadie’s grave. (I’ve been trying to track down her grave for over a decade.)

4. See a play on Broadway.

5. Visit the Eiffel Tower, shop at Paris’ Shakespeare & Co bookstore, and taste Bayonne chocolate.

6. Visit my sister in Australia. (She’s lived there over 25 yrs and I’ve never been there.)

7. Achieve and maintain optimal, radiant health. (aka permanently exit the autoimmune merry-go-round!)

8. Own a winery with my husband. (He’s a sommelier. A girl can dream, that’s what bucket lists are for!)

9. Go to a writer’s event in NYC or LA or somewhere tropical.

10. See one or more of my screenplays on the big screen.

11. Laugh out loud in person with Russell Brand.

12. Splash in the Florida Gulf again, this time on vacation with my family.

13. Attend a red carpet event in Halloween attire.

14. Experience Thirty Seconds to Mars live in concert.

15. See my Detroit Lions make it to the Super Bowl!!!

√Shake hands with Bill Clinton. June 2008

√Hug Shirley MacLaine. 22 Feb 2012

√Sing along at a soldout U2 concert. 26 June 2011

√Go to a writer’s conference. April 2013, January 2015

√Eat Mackinac Island fudge in a Mackinac Island fudge shop. May 2011 &  May 2014.

√Finish my college degree. May 2008 & December 2010.

√Find my ancestor Lillian’s grave. (Grandma Lily from The Recollection of Trees is named after her.) July 2015.

√See my written words printed in O Magazine. August 2015.


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