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30 July 2020 For Immediate Release:
LOS ANGELES/CHICAGO–Film and TV actress Aimee Stout will narrate the audiobook of the bestselling teen and young adult fantasy, The Recollection of Trees (2019), written by Sadie Francis Skyheart.

Skyheart is thrilled to partner with Stout. “My heart is incredibly full every time I listen to a new chapter. I know my readers will love the emotion she’s bringing to the project. I’ve cried at least three times while listening to her performance. I am truly honored by her level of talent, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Aimee Stout is a veteran actress of film, television, stage, and voice acting. She has voiced dozens of animated projects as well as radio and TV commercials for numerous regional, national, and international brands.

Sadie Francis Skyheart is a screenwriter, bestselling author, and associate producer of “In The Deathroom,” a multi-award winning crime short based on a short story written by Stephen King. “Blue Willow Witch”, the highly anticipated sequel to “The Recollection of Trees”, will release this October.

The audiobook will be available this fall.

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