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Heart Space

This is my monthly moment of inspiration, intended to empower readers to reach for their dreams and live from their heart.

January 2020

For the New Year, I decided to choose some cards from some of my favorite inspirational decks. I like to pull from more than one deck because the message from one can affirm the other, and that’s exactly what happened.

I asked my heart, “What message will set the tone for the year?” as I shuffled the first deck.

Center yourself.

Focus. Ground yourself. Meditate.

Soul Trees Self-Discovery Cards

Next, I asked my heart, “What energies might help me stay centered in 2020?”

Cosmic Egg

Completion, harmony, the infinite within the finite. The unfolding of cosmic consciousness. This state emerges after we have tread the path for quite some time, and through self-effort and grace we experience self-realization. A sense of contentment and oneness spontaneously arises within us, and the veils of our self-limiting beliefs are lifted.
when not yet activated:
we may feel as if we will “never get there” or that we travel alone, disconnected from others.
The essence of the seventh chakra, aka the crown chakra. Practitioners of yoga and meditation aim to open this area for direct connection with Creativity and Consciousness.

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit by Kim Krans


when in balance:
organized, resourceful, prepared.
when out of balance:
busy with no purpose, (maybe like in a maze or hamster wheel…busy but going nowhere fast).
to bring into balance:
a meaningful project.

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit by Kim Krans

In March 2019, I used Kyle Cease’s visualization technique to write out my intentions as if they’d already happened. I pretended it was March 2020, and I said I remembered that I took actions every day to finish projects I was writing, and then I published my book in the fall, and that led to me pitching my script to producers. It was about as realistic as saying I’d fly to the moon.

But guess what? Not long after that, a life changing opportunity arose for me to pitch the script adaptation of my book, The Recollection of Trees, to producers. It was a really big deal for me to fly again. Every time I’ve flown in the past, it was because someone died (except for a family reunion in 2018, which was an insane trip with so many flight delays that it was downright comical). In October, I flew to Burbank, met fellow screenwriters who are now like family, and pitched to producers. It was a week completely outside my comfort zone, but I did it because I DECIDED and I stayed EMPOWERED no matter what life threw me beforehand. And then I came home and launched my book. I embraced my dreams by deciding, and taking at least one action every day.

Now, if I’m honest, I really freak out at mice. Mice are the reason my kids talked me into getting cats. Maybe that’s something for the therapist’s couch. Anyway, I love the contrast of the tiny mouse and the cosmic egg. I love that finding my center can be connection with the tiniest, most meaningful details, with loving intention, and with my “big picture” vision.

Since my book launch in November, I’ve been a bit too busy. I’ve felt like I’m on the hamster wheel sometimes, and I know it’s because I let my daily meditation practice, nature walks, quality sleep, and good nutrition get a little unbalanced. I’m breathing in the truth that I actually accomplish more when I make time for self-care.

Here’s to meaningful connection and creative expansion in 2020! ~Sadie

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