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Heart Space

This is my monthly moment of inspiration, intended to empower readers to reach for their dreams and live from their heart.

May/June 2020

I don’t know about you, but these days, I’m not sure what day it is. It just feels like one, long, apocalyptic weekend. Groundhog’s Day, End of the World version. I could use just a glimpse of stability. I don’t mean a return to “things as usual” because so much of our old way of existing was not working, for too many people and for far too long. I mean I’m ready for a new reality of real equality and true unity to emerge. Stability based on kindness.

So I pulled a card, and of course, it’s message is exactly what I needed to receive.


stable, resilient, headstrong, the father. The great Elk provides underlying support and stability amidst life’s many changes. An Elk personality is fully established in themselves and knows their core values. They become known and respected for acting in ways that uphold those values. Sometimes the Elk’s ego can become inflated, but for the most part they make damn good fathers, mothers, lovers, and friends. The world needs more Elk energy.
when in balance:
supportive, kind, consistent
when out of balance:
pretentious, high and mighty
to bring into balance:
eat and drink more consistently

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit by Kim Krans (excerpted)

Here’s to calling on the Great Elk to help ground us and connect us to stability, now more than ever. ~Sadie

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