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Heart Space

This is my monthly moment of inspiration, intended to empower readers to reach for their dreams and live from their heart.

March 2020

For the Spring Equinox, I decided to choose a card from one of my favorite inspirational decks. But first, I have to tell you a little story.

I was recently in Burbank/Los Angeles for an incredible week of fun, inspiration, learning, and networking. I was part of a team who coached screenwriters on how to pitch to producers and managers. It was an honor to see my group of writers transform from nervous newbies to prepared pitchers, and especially to witness their amazing breakthroughs.

As part of the event, there was an insightful and entertaining interview with a high level person from NBC Universal. In the course of the interview, they mentioned the upcoming launch of PEACOCK TV. It’s their new streaming platform, which will be available in April for certain cable subscribers and in July for everyone else.

The morning after I returned home, I decided to catch up on an episode of Close Up with the Hollywood Reporter that I hadn’t seen yet, which happened to be a roundtable of studio execs from Sony, Disney, Amazon, Universal, Netflix, Paramount, and Warner Bros. Once again, the launch of PEACOCK TV was mentioned, confirming what was said in the first interview about their goals, intended content, and target audience.

I decided to see if I can manifest working with PEACOCK, so I started keeping my eye out for a cute or inspiring symbol to put on or near my desk. Each time I shop, I wander into the home decor and art sections of stores, but I haven’t seen anything that resonated until a couple of days ago. I was picking up thank you cards, struck up a conversation with a store employee who asked if I was looking for anything specific…and I mentioned peacocks. She said she hadn’t seen anything. I was leaving the aisle when she exclaimed, “Hey wait! Look what I just found in the box I’m putting on the shelves!”

Yep. It’s a cute, sparkly peacock.

He perfectly matches, as if he has always lived in my writing cave.

Then this morning, I pulled the card for this post and…you guessed it:


inner beauty, compassion, assimilator of anything. The beauty of the Peacock is unrivaled. It’s easy to think it comes from the plumage…but the secret of the Peacock is that the beauty resides within and extends outward indefinitely. This adept creature can assimilate or “digest” all experiences in life, so it does not harbor resentment, conflict, or past pain within its psyche. The Peacock type is extremely rare–not many of us have reached this advanced level of acceptance of the self and others.
when in balance:
confident, kind
when out of balance:
can’t “digest” situations
to bring into balance:
meditation on navel (third chakra)

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit by Kim Krans

A year ago, I used Kyle Cease’s visualization technique to write out my intentions as if it was March 2020 and I was reflecting back on an amazing year of breakthroughs and opportunities. Nothing about what I wrote was “realistic” but I took actions every day toward making it a reality and the opportunities showed up over and over.

I’m not saying this synchronicity of peacocks showing up literally means that I’ll get a big Hollywood deal with NBC Universal / PEACOCK TV, but it’s really fun to imagine that this is a possibility, and the symbolism is perfect for where I’m vibing right now.

I’m getting better at consistent selfcare: daily meditation practice, nature walks, quality sleep, and good nutrition. I’m finding myself defaulting to empowerment thoughts even in potentially stressful situations, and shifting into a resilient, relaxed state of being.

Here’s to embracing my inner peacock! ~Sadie

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