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Monthly Writing Prompt

For my 2020 monthly writing prompt, I use the game PITCH STORM (by the makers of Final Draft screenwriting software) to draw one “character” card, one “plot” card, and one “notes” card–things that a studio exec might say in the middle of my insane pitch. Finally, I set a timer for 45 seconds and write the pitch based on these cards.

February 2020


A huge jock that just wants to be a ballerina…


…makes a selfish wish in a demonic wishing well.

A huge jock secretly wants to be a ballerina, but his rich parents hate the idea so he runs away to a haunted forest and discovers a wishing well, where he wishes he can control his own destiny, not knowing the well is demonic and his parents will die.


We need to cast Donald Trump as the protagonist. Sorry.

Okay, Seriously? The timing…I mean, he gave the SOTU tonight. I swear, of the entire deck, this is the card I drew! Please know this is NOT a political post.
All in good fun!

A YUGE jock secretly wants to–believe ME–having rich parents isn’t everything, and a YUGE thing happened, so I put my name on the wishing well and badda boom badda bing, my parents? SAD. And now I control how many wishes people can get–more than anyone has before–which is YUGE, and–hey, have you seen me plié?–Believe ME, everybody’s gonna be talking about how great I am at standing on my tippy toes.

I’m posting this against my better judgment, and I’m leaving the comments turned off. LOL ~Sadie

January 2020

Bonus material:

The time I caused a Rube Goldberg-like water spill on TV
The time I was trapped under a piano

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