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Monthly Writing Prompt

For my 2020 monthly writing prompt, I use the game PITCH STORM (by the makers of Final Draft screenwriting software) to draw one “character” card, one “plot” card, and one “notes” card–things that a studio exec might say in the middle of my insane pitch. Finally, I set a timer for 45 seconds and write the pitch based on these cards.

March 2020


An aging hippie that longs for the good ole days…


…fights to take down a dangerous cult.

An aging hippie searches for a lost love from the good ole days, only to discover they have a daughter together and he must save them both from a dangerous cult.


What if we add 100 assassins trying to kill our main characters?

After searching for his lost love and discovering they have a daughter together, an aging hippie must save them both from a dangerous cult guarded by 100 assassins who will kill anyone that threatens to expose their dark secrets.

Well, that took a dark turn, eh? Kind of Dragnet (Tom Hanks, Dan Aykroyd) meets Kill Bill? Pretty sure if I pitched this, not only would I be thrown out and banned from the producer’s office, but the assistant would also get fired for letting me in. LOL

February 2020

January 2020

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