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Monthly writing prompt

For my 2020 monthly writing prompt, I’ll be using the game PITCH STORM (by the makers of Final Draft screenwriting software). I’ll draw one “character” card, one “plot” card, and one “notes” card–things that a studio exec might say in the middle of my insane pitch. Finally, I’ll set a timer for 45 seconds and write the pitch based on these cards.

January 2020


A group of friends meet up at the local Denny’s on the last night before they all leave for college, but in the parking lot…


…they discover a portal to a mysterious island where they must capture a giant ape or die.


New pitch with notes:
A group of puppets begin performing dinner theater at a local Denny’s but a portal in the parking lot transports them to a mysterious island where they must entertain a giant ape or be ripped to shreds.

hahaha! That was fun. I doubt we’ll be seeing either of those in theaters, though. ~Sadie

Bonus material:

The time I caused a Rube Goldberg-like water spill on TV
The time I was trapped under a piano

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