Laura Crisp Davis

Comic. Screenwriter. Bestselling Author.

For the past 30 days I’ve been in perpetual motion, yet sitting still.

I’m shopping a script

This means I’m contacting producers who might be a good fit for the genre and budget. It’s fun, exciting, and a teensy bit scary. Who knew this Michigan girl would someday contact an exec connected to an 80’s heart throb whose poster used to hang on my teen bedroom wall? Yep, that’s my new surreal-ity.

I’m also launching my book

It was originally supposed to be published in 2014. A mystery health issue trashed those plans again and again, until the book seemed so far out of reach that I nearly gave up. Thankfully that’s over! So, wouldn’t you know it, now that it’s really, truly, for sure happening… there have been some last minute issues beyond my control. It has been a lesson in detaching from perfection and staying in the present moment.

Maybe I need a clone (or a personal assistant?)

I’m putting in 14-16 hour days while wearing a dozen hats: brainstorming, writing, outlining, revising, emailing/calling 20-30 producers daily, exchanging feedback, and I still have to live… eat, sleep, shower, run errands… and I’m teaching one of my teenagers how to drive right now.

I credit my (mostly) calm sanity to transcendental meditation, lots of water, nutrition (lost 21 lbs and counting since mid-summer), and my patient, supportive family and friends… lifelong chums, ScreenwritingU peers, and echelon pals including one I met a year ago at the 30STM Chicago concert…all checking in and sending me good vibes.


If you’re wondering when the book will be available:

I don’t know for certain, but as soon as it is, I’ll post the link here and on social media. Please keep your fingers and toes crossed that it’s within the next few days, because I’ve got a trip to L.A. at the end of October. Have you seen the updated cover yet?

If you’re interested in joining my street team:

Please email me with “street team” in the subject line. You’ll get discounts and freebies, exclusive swag, and insider info — in exchange for your help spreading the word about my book and other future projects. I’ve got an immediate street team activity, and if you join before October 20, 2019 (11:59 CDT), I’ll mail you a handwritten postcard from L.A.! (No fee to join, no hassle to leave.)

What happened to the blog?

It’s on pause. I had the best of intentions, but there are only so many writing hours in the day! When I do get back to blogging, I’ve got some fun ideas that will make it easier for me to keep up and hopefully entertain and inspire you. With everything going on right now, it’s probably going to be November, unless I decide to do NaNoWriMo and then it’ll likely be December or January. Rest assured, if there is any big news to share, I’ll leave it here (even if it’s just a quick note like this).

Why can’t I leave comments?

Comments are turned off indefinitely until I hire an intern or a personal assistant, or clone myself. If you really need to comment on something, feel free to do so via the contact page. Thanks!

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