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It’s February already, so you know what that means? February 15th. One of two days that bleary-eyed writers emerge from their writing caves to celebrate 50% off Chocolate Day! (The other is November 1st, of course.)

#100 Screenplays 2020

I’ve read 31 scripts so far. This month I plan to finish reading all the Oscar contender scripts, and some of my favorite Rom-Coms. You can check my progress here.

#amreading all the #Oscar nominated #scripts with @sadiefskyheart #100screenplays2020 #OscarNoms

Monthly writing prompt:

This month’s PITCH STORM™ prompt is so unreal!
A huge jock meets a demonic wishing well and wait until you see the “notes”!
You can read the silliness here.

Heart Space:

For inspiration, this month I made a list of my favorite rom-coms. Swoon!

#amreading @sadiefskyheart ‘s #top13 list of #moviesaboutLOVE quirky, funny, poignant, and a little dark. #romcoms

Upcoming events:

I’m planning some fun surprises while I’m back in Los Angeles this month. Follow my instagram to see photos, and subscribe to my email list for exclusive behind-the-scenes stuff that I won’t be posting anywhere else.

I’ll be signing books in Michigan next month, including a Friday the 13th sequel cover & title reveal party!

Freebies & promos:

This month #TheRecollectionOfTrees is on the #NewWitchInTown book list! #WitchesAreEverywhere

*I’m empowering myself and fellow authors through cross promotion of genre lists (on sale or for free). These promos are supposed to be appropriate for my audience–NO erotica, bully romance, or explicit cover art–however, I am not responsible for the content of other authors’ works. (P.S. I have a strict NO SPAM or sharing my email list policy, so NO worries.)

Good luck to all the Oscar nominees on February 9th!
Happy Day-after Valentine’s Day aka 50% off Chocolate Day, everyone!

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