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June is normally a time when many people celebrate Father’s Day. But these days, nothing is normal. I had no idea when I wrote about “grieving what was normal” back in April that we’d still be wondering when things will feel stable again.

I’d love a hug from my dad right about now. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1999. But during these wild times we’re living in, I keep hearing his voice in my head. I teased him for being a Star Trek fan–he spoke Klingon and went to “Trekkie” conventions in the ’80s and ’90s. I just didn’t get it. To me, it was “just Sci-Fi” but then he explained his fandom to me.

He said he loved Star Trek because it embraces unity while celebrating diversity. It portrays various alien races with the common thread of understanding others without trying to make everyone the same. In Star Trek, unity doesn’t equal conformity. Let me repeat that.


This is 100% the thread of truth in my book, The Recollection of Trees, and its upcoming sequel, Blue Willow Witch. Conformity does not equal “normal” because that version of normal is an illusion.

I think that’s what we’re seeing now. A Great Awakening from layers of illusion that have oppressed too many people for too long. We’re seeing the oppressors fighting the uprising, because they don’t want to lose their positions of power. It is my deepest hope that true unity will spring up among those who’ve been oppressed–women, LGBTQ, indigenous, and all people of color–and we’ll see that LOVE WINS when enough of us stand our ground against those who seek to profit from suffering. LOVE WINS when we vote, both in elections and with our dollars every day.

Heart Space:

May’s inspirational message is about staying centered.
June’s inspirational message is about finding stability.

#100 Screenplays 2020

I’ve read over 80 scripts so far, over halfway to my goal! I’m taking time now to reflect, listen and learn from scripts, books, TV, and films that showcase LGBT and BIPOC stories. Please check my social media for recommendations that will follow, and I’ll update the 100 screenplays list as well.

Right now I’m reading “All American Boys” by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely. I highly recommend it. I honestly think it would be an excellent movie, and it should be required reading for high school.
I’ve recently watched “The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson” on Netflix. Heartbreaking, senseless, and a must-see. Make sure you have kleenex within reach. It’s the first of many I’ll be watching and/or reading.

Monthly writing prompt:

In May, I wrote 13 Ways to NOT Finish Your Novel (or Script). It’s pretty dorky.
For June, I’m taking a break from my usual writing prompt. Instead, I’m listening and learning, watching and reading.

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Blessed Summer Solstice, Juneteenth, and Pride month to all,

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