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This month brings us St. Patty’s Day, Friday the 13th, and the Spring Equinox. Lately I’m enjoying synchronicity with the symbolism of peacocks, so be sure to check out my monthly Heart Space to read about it.

Heart Space:

This month’s inspirational message about infinite possibility comes from a PEACOCK.

#100 Screenplays 2020

I’ve read 49 scripts so far, almost halfway to my goal! This month I’m reading about superstitions and family issues. You can join me for free here.

#amreading scripts about superstitions & family issues with @sadiefskyheart #100Screenplays2020

Monthly writing prompt:

This month’s PITCH STORMâ„¢ writing prompt goes from campy comedy to bad thriller! Pretty sure this concept would get me thrown out of a producer’s office. LOL

Upcoming events:

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I’ll be signing books in Michigan this month, including a Friday the 13th sequel cover & title reveal party!

Blog Tour:

The blog tour will be daily features and guest posts all month long! Please watch facebook for the links to all the hosts.

This month #TheRecollectionOfTrees is on the #SilverDaggerBookTour ! #blogtour


Check out my Friday the 13th inspired list of superstitions!

Check out @sadiefskyheart ‘s fun list of 13 Superstitions! #Friday13th #Superstitions #13Superstitions

Hugs and Happy Spring!

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