The Recollection of Trees

Cover Art & Design: Amygdala Design

What’s the book about?

Intuitive sixteen-year-old Iona Dickinson feels like an outsider until the death of her beloved grandfather reveals her paternal family tree is full of witches. Torn between friends, family, and their conflicting beliefs, Iona begins an emotional, healing journey of self-acceptance and discovers the gift of The Recollection of Trees.

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A 2014 Kickstarter STAFF PICK, The Recollection of Trees is a Young Adult (YA) urban fantasy set in modern day Michigan, with a first-person narrative that often takes a sarcastic, humorous tone.

THE RECOLLECTION OF TREES is a mystical, emotional tale of secrets and self-discovery. A blend of witches, family dysfunction, and first love. The thrill of choosing is the silvery thread that weaves through this enchanting coming of age story.

Author and screenwriter Sadie Francis Skyheart grew up in Michigan. She currently lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, two sons, two cats, and a coonhound. The Recollection of Trees is her debut novel. She likes to write in lucky Halloween socks.

Release date: TBD 
Copyright 2015 Sadie Francis Skyheart, All Rights Reserved
Cover Art & Design by Amygdala Design

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