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It feels pretty surreal that I traveled to L.A. just six weeks ago. The stay-at-home order for Illinois has been in effect about three weeks now (I think?) and it seems we’ll be in this strange holding pattern for several more weeks at the least. I wish I could say APRIL FOOLS and everything would go back to whatever normal was for most of us. Unfortunately, this is our new unbelievable reality. For those who are new to working from home, I’ve attempted to write both funny and inspirational pieces this month to help your transition.

Heart Space:

This month’s inspirational message is about grieving what used to be normal.

#100 Screenplays 2020

I’ve read 66 scripts so far, over halfway to my goal! This month I’m reading about awesome character introductions. You can join me for free here.

#amreading awesome character intros with @sadiefskyheart #100Screenplays2020

Monthly writing prompt:

This month’s writing inspiration is a detour from my usual PITCH STORM™ writing prompt. Instead, I wrote the 10 Commandments for Writing at Home which will hopefully save a few of you from some embarassing moments.

Upcoming events:

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Stay home, stay healthy, and stay weird!

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