The Accidental Witch

Iona Dickinson doesn’t know she’s a witch…until she unknowingly makes a deadly wish that reopens a 300-year-old curse on her family.The day after her desperate wish, Iona barely survives a dangerous thunderstorm and three people die. She begins seeing ghosts and experiencing premonitions. Iona’s estranged father and her paternal grandmother return to tell Iona the dark secret that her religious mother has hid from her: Iona is a descendant of The One Who Lived, the last witch of Blue Willow Grove, and they want her to join the family coven. Iona struggles to explain her emerging gifts and strange behavior to her best friend, MacLaine, and childhood crush, Dyllan. She gains new courage when she meets Sixx, a rebellious girl with a troubled past, and Jules, a mysterious new student who drives a hearse. Torn between conflicting beliefs of family and friends, Iona must risk losing all of them as she chooses her own path.


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