Sadie Francis Skyheart

Screenwriter & Author

The Recollection Of Trees


Iona Dickinson doesn’t know she’s a witch…until she unknowingly makes a deadly wish that reopens a 300-year-old curse on her family.
Torn between conflicting beliefs of family and friends, Iona must risk losing all of them as she gains self-acceptance in The Recollection of Trees.

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The Recollection of Trees is a coming-of-age story set in modern day Michigan, with a first-person narrative.
Contains themes of witchcraft, ghosts, death, first love.
Sadie is an LGBTQ ally. She strives to create meaningful stories and authentic characters to entertain and inspire a wide audience of readers.

Genre: YA, paranormal, fantasy, drama.

PRE-ORDER: October 7, 2019
RELEASE DATE: October 31, 2019

©2010-2019 Sadie Francis Skyheart, All Rights Reserved

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