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Hi. Maybe it’s Uranus retrograde, or maybe its Mars in Aries, or maybe it’s just me…but I’ve had an epiphany. Two, actually.

Realization 1: Timing

I’ve decided not to publish my sequel this October.

It will likely be a year from now, but I’m not going to announce a new date until I feel safe to travel and to have close contact with readers. I don’t want to risk my health, and I especially don’t want to risk the health of readers who would attend book signing events. I still really, really want to publish BLUE WILLOW WITCH. I know there are readers who are looking forward to it, and I so appreciate you for that. I sincerely apologize if this is disappointing.

The truth is, if I release it now, I have no idea when I will be able to do book signing events, which significantly hinders my ability to reach my audience.  Yes, I know other authors are still releasing books right now, and some are doing well. Most of them are not newer authors, and many have a team behind them helping to hustle sales. I do have an amazing assistant, but neither of us are wearing capes. We have limitations.

The bigger picture is that I am still working to adapt the books into movies. Think about the dozens of movies and TV shows that have been delayed and rescheduled. That’s because when you spend tons of time, energy, and money in the creation of a project, you want to be able to give it your best shot when it’s time to promote it too. If I release book 2 now, I can’t promote it the way I’d like to, which sets the book up for a struggle, and that snowballs…it just doesn’t make good business sense for me or potential producers to pursue a film version. It hurts my credibility, and in this industry, credibility is at least half the battle.

I hope you can respect my decision. I promise it WILL be published as soon as things are more stable for travel and book signings.

Realization 2: Identity

In addition, I plan to shift much of my online presence from my pseudonym to my real name. Sadie has served me well, but it has become a bit confusing as I’m networking with filmmakers. The books in this series will always be published under Sadie, but the rest of what I’m doing will be ME.

So, hi. I’m Laura. I do really wear lucky Halloween socks, and I am a rabid fan of Thirty Seconds to Mars. The big difference is, Laura is a comedy screenwriter, voice actor, producer, and script coach. Sadie writes about witches and spooky stuff. (Psst, they’re both me. LOL)

I’ll probably change my website to just have a “Sadie section” and change over most of my social media. For example, my goodreads and bookbub will likely remain as Sadie, but my instagram and facebook will probably be Laura. I promise it will make sense.

I hope you can understand and support me in this transition toward better clarity, peace of mind, and freedom of expression.

I encourage you to shed things that don’t seem to fit for you too!

PS I’m going to be published in an anthology of female writers this fall! Watch my social media for the announcement! This will be an e-book with limited paperbacks, and because there are ten authors, we’ll help each other promote it online!

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