Ostara: Spring Equinox

By S.F. Skyheart - March 20, 2023
Ostara: Spring Equinox

It's officially spring in the Northern Hemisphere today at 3:24 am CT. YAY! Warm weather is coming soon!

Ostara celebrates the vernal equinox. This Sabbat held great meaning for ancient Greek, Roman, Germanic, Nordic, and later, Celtic people. Their myths and symbolism of resurrection from dark to light, death and rebirth, new life and transformation are present in modern Easter celebrations. For centuries people have believed in deities who returned from the dead or the underworld: Odin, Dagda, Persephone, Osiris, Mithras, Hera, Orpheus, and Attis, to name a few. 

Several pagan celebrations and feasts occurred near the vernal equinox, which included dying eggs, lily flowers on altars, dancing, drinking, wearing new clothes, and newborn lambs, ducks, and chicks--all of which have become part of today's Passover and Easter holidays.

Take the day to play, enjoy some lighthearted moments, bake some sweet bread, and maybe even dye some eggs!

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