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Heart Space – August 2020

Heart Space is my monthly moment of inspiration, intended to empower readers to reach for their dreams and live from their heart.

Me, age 3. I’m wearing my grandma’s wig, standing on her kitchen table, lip syncing Diana Ross and cracking up my grandpa.

I’ve recently been forced to face a glaring truth about myself.
Allegedly, I have a sense of humor.

I say allegedly, because it’s kind of a big comedy rule to abstain from claiming to be funny.

Maybe you are even thinking to yourself, “You write about teenage witches, that’s not funny.”
I agree. But the fact of the matter is, every single time I get on video with other writers, they tell me I’m funny. The post office workers tell me I’m funny. Even my gynecologist for crying out loud.

I’ve had this perception that I’m dark, solitary, and a little odd (hello lucky Halloween socks). Imagine my shock at fellow writers urging me daily to do standup comedy. Imagine my jaw drop when I repeat their comments to friends, and they chime in with, “Oh my god! Yes! You’ve been cracking me up for years!”

I started wondering how I ended up with negative self beliefs about my sense of humor, and I had a major epiphany because this reminds me of the time I realized I don’t suck at math.

My senior year of high school, I barely passed algebra and that experience led me to believe that I suck at math. My suckiness at math was solid gospel until I went back to college in my 30s and I was required to take algebra. I didn’t love it, but I found it easy, and to my utter surprise, I got a 4.0 on the final exam. I can still remember standing there while the proctor announced my score.
“Are you sure you just graded MY test?” I asked. The woman was certain.

After that test, I walked around for weeks with my head high. I didn’t just pass math. I aced it.
Then the doubt crept back in. But how? I had a professor who was passionate about empowering students who believed they were bad at math. He talked about how the past can define us for years if we let it. He encouraged us to release old negative experiences with math and open our minds to the new experience of his class.

I thought back to the circumstances of my senior year, and I knew exactly what happened. After a friend committed suicide, I almost flunked algebra, geometry, history, and even PE because I skipped classes I didn’t like and shut down learning anything that didn’t come easily to me. (If you’ve been following me for a bit, you’ve heard about him. He inspired some of Dyllan’s story in The Recollection of Trees.)

So what does flunking math and my friend’s death have to do with my inability to recognize my own sense of humor? He was also my comedy buddy.

We weren’t best friends, but we sat near each other in homeroom from 7th to 12th grade. Over the years, we developed a rapport. Every morning we tried to make each other laugh. By senior year, our homeroom teacher had funny nicknames for us and she’d regularly wipe tears from laughing at our morning routine. After his tragic death, I stopped laughing in homeroom. I gravitated toward more serious current events, and looking back, I was profoundly depressed.

My point is, comedy became ultra tragic for me, so I convinced myself that I’m not funny.

Just like with math, realizing I have a sense of humor has been a major moment. It’s like waking up one day and realizing I’ve had a face tattoo my entire life. Perhaps others see it as obvious, but I’ve been oblivious.

So, guess what I did this week?

I went to an open mic and I did 5 minutes of standup. I made a room of socially-distanced comics crack up laughing. Classic ME. Who decides to try standup comedy during a freaking pandemic? This dark and twisted girl right here.

I’m going to keep going to open mics (as long as clubs are open), and I’ll probably bomb frequently, and that will be okay. I need to pay my dues and get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

Have you had any self-realizations during this insane year?

I’d love to hear about it. Drop me an email at or comment on social media wherever you see this posted.

Here’s to embracing my dark and twisted, and perhaps occasionally funny, self.

30 July 2020 For Immediate Release:
LOS ANGELES/CHICAGO–Film and TV actress Aimee Stout will narrate the audiobook of the bestselling teen and young adult fantasy, The Recollection of Trees (2019), written by Sadie Francis Skyheart.

Skyheart is thrilled to partner with Stout. “My heart is incredibly full every time I listen to a new chapter. I know my readers will love the emotion she’s bringing to the project. I’ve cried at least three times while listening to her performance. I am truly honored by her level of talent, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Aimee Stout is a veteran actress of film, television, stage, and voice acting. She has voiced dozens of animated projects as well as radio and TV commercials for numerous regional, national, and international brands.

Sadie Francis Skyheart is a screenwriter, bestselling author, and associate producer of “In The Deathroom,” a multi-award winning crime short based on a short story written by Stephen King. “Blue Willow Witch”, the highly anticipated sequel to “The Recollection of Trees”, will release this October.

The audiobook will be available this fall.

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Taking a little breather this month.

#100 Screenplays 2020 + books & movies:

I’ve read almost 90 scripts so far, almost to my goal! I’m continuing to take time to reflect, listen and learn from scripts, books, TV, and films that showcase LGBT, BIPOC, and all-abilities stories. Please check my social media for recommendations, and I’ll update the 100 screenplays list in mid-July.

Right now I’m reading “Becoming” by Michelle Obama. I highly recommend it. I loved the documentary of the same name. It left me feeling hopeful for the future. Next on my watch list: “Crip Camp” and “Disclosure” –both on Netflix.

Upcoming events:

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All July public appearances in Michigan are being closely monitored to comply with health and travel regulations. Please see events page for details.

Be sure to take some time for yourself,

June is normally a time when many people celebrate Father’s Day. But these days, nothing is normal. I had no idea when I wrote about “grieving what was normal” back in April that we’d still be wondering when things will feel stable again.

I’d love a hug from my dad right about now. Unfortunately, he passed away in 1999. But during these wild times we’re living in, I keep hearing his voice in my head. I teased him for being a Star Trek fan–he spoke Klingon and went to “Trekkie” conventions in the ’80s and ’90s. I just didn’t get it. To me, it was “just Sci-Fi” but then he explained his fandom to me.

He said he loved Star Trek because it embraces unity while celebrating diversity. It portrays various alien races with the common thread of understanding others without trying to make everyone the same. In Star Trek, unity doesn’t equal conformity. Let me repeat that.


This is 100% the thread of truth in my book, The Recollection of Trees, and its upcoming sequel, Blue Willow Witch. Conformity does not equal “normal” because that version of normal is an illusion.

I think that’s what we’re seeing now. A Great Awakening from layers of illusion that have oppressed too many people for too long. We’re seeing the oppressors fighting the uprising, because they don’t want to lose their positions of power. It is my deepest hope that true unity will spring up among those who’ve been oppressed–women, LGBTQ, indigenous, and all people of color–and we’ll see that LOVE WINS when enough of us stand our ground against those who seek to profit from suffering. LOVE WINS when we vote, both in elections and with our dollars every day.

Heart Space:

May’s inspirational message is about staying centered.
June’s inspirational message is about finding stability.

#100 Screenplays 2020

I’ve read over 80 scripts so far, over halfway to my goal! I’m taking time now to reflect, listen and learn from scripts, books, TV, and films that showcase LGBT and BIPOC stories. Please check my social media for recommendations that will follow, and I’ll update the 100 screenplays list as well.

Right now I’m reading “All American Boys” by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely. I highly recommend it. I honestly think it would be an excellent movie, and it should be required reading for high school.
I’ve recently watched “The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson” on Netflix. Heartbreaking, senseless, and a must-see. Make sure you have kleenex within reach. It’s the first of many I’ll be watching and/or reading.

Monthly writing prompt:

In May, I wrote 13 Ways to NOT Finish Your Novel (or Script). It’s pretty dorky.
For June, I’m taking a break from my usual writing prompt. Instead, I’m listening and learning, watching and reading.

Upcoming events:

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All May/June public appearances have been postponed, but there are some July events brewing so please check in.

Blessed Summer Solstice, Juneteenth, and Pride month to all,

It feels pretty surreal that I traveled to L.A. just six weeks ago. The stay-at-home order for Illinois has been in effect about three weeks now (I think?) and it seems we’ll be in this strange holding pattern for several more weeks at the least. I wish I could say APRIL FOOLS and everything would go back to whatever normal was for most of us. Unfortunately, this is our new unbelievable reality. For those who are new to working from home, I’ve attempted to write both funny and inspirational pieces this month to help your transition.

Heart Space:

This month’s inspirational message is about grieving what used to be normal.

#100 Screenplays 2020

I’ve read 66 scripts so far, over halfway to my goal! This month I’m reading about awesome character introductions. You can join me for free here.

#amreading awesome character intros with @sadiefskyheart #100Screenplays2020

Monthly writing prompt:

This month’s writing inspiration is a detour from my usual PITCH STORM™ writing prompt. Instead, I wrote the 10 Commandments for Writing at Home which will hopefully save a few of you from some embarassing moments.

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Stay home, stay healthy, and stay weird!

ICYMI…I just posted the cover of my new book, BLUE WILLOW WITCH, the sequel to THE RECOLLECTION OF TREES.

If you missed it, you can still watch the reveal video
I tell a couple of funny stories and what it’s like to pitch to producers in Hollywood. Oh, and I give details on how to get an early copy of the sequel before it’s released!

THANK YOU to everyone who watched live, watched later, liked, shared, commented… it means so much!

Hey everyone! Since I had to reschedule this weekend’s appearances, I decided to reveal the cover ONLINE tomorrow night!

Please join me! We’re going to have tons of fun being socially distant together! LOL

March 13, 2020 – Cover Reveal Party 6:30-7:30 pm CDT- ONLINE
Be the first to see the cover and title of the sequel!
RSVP for FREE on facebook! Limited seats available.

P.S. Attendees will also get details on how to join my inner circle to get a FREE copy of the sequel before it’s released!

See you live on FB tomorrow night!

This month brings us St. Patty’s Day, Friday the 13th, and the Spring Equinox. Lately I’m enjoying synchronicity with the symbolism of peacocks, so be sure to check out my monthly Heart Space to read about it.

Heart Space:

This month’s inspirational message about infinite possibility comes from a PEACOCK.

#100 Screenplays 2020

I’ve read 49 scripts so far, almost halfway to my goal! This month I’m reading about superstitions and family issues. You can join me for free here.

#amreading scripts about superstitions & family issues with @sadiefskyheart #100Screenplays2020

Monthly writing prompt:

This month’s PITCH STORM™ writing prompt goes from campy comedy to bad thriller! Pretty sure this concept would get me thrown out of a producer’s office. LOL

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Blog Tour:

The blog tour will be daily features and guest posts all month long! Please watch facebook for the links to all the hosts.

This month #TheRecollectionOfTrees is on the #SilverDaggerBookTour ! #blogtour


Check out my Friday the 13th inspired list of superstitions!

Check out @sadiefskyheart ‘s fun list of 13 Superstitions! #Friday13th #Superstitions #13Superstitions

Hugs and Happy Spring!

It’s February already, so you know what that means? February 15th. One of two days that bleary-eyed writers emerge from their writing caves to celebrate 50% off Chocolate Day! (The other is November 1st, of course.)

#100 Screenplays 2020

I’ve read 31 scripts so far. This month I plan to finish reading all the Oscar contender scripts, and some of my favorite Rom-Coms. You can check my progress here.

#amreading all the #Oscar nominated #scripts with @sadiefskyheart #100screenplays2020 #OscarNoms

Monthly writing prompt:

This month’s PITCH STORM™ prompt is so unreal!
A huge jock meets a demonic wishing well and wait until you see the “notes”!
You can read the silliness here.

Heart Space:

For inspiration, this month I made a list of my favorite rom-coms. Swoon!

#amreading @sadiefskyheart ‘s #top13 list of #moviesaboutLOVE quirky, funny, poignant, and a little dark. #romcoms

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Good luck to all the Oscar nominees on February 9th!
Happy Day-after Valentine’s Day aka 50% off Chocolate Day, everyone!