Cancer 2024

By S.F. Skyheart - June 20, 2024
Cancer 2024

Happy Birthday, Cancer friends! 

Cancer friends are known for their healing energy, welcoming homes, sensitive empathy, and warm humor.

CANCER SUN: Your life purpose is to form strong emotional bonds with others. The love felt at home and within family and/or chosen family are the most important. Your sensitivity can sometimes be hidden from others when you first meet, but once you get to know one another, you're a source of strength, intuition, empathy, and deep love. Your default is kindness and compassion, and you're among the first to protect those you love and anyone who is vulnerable in society. Your friends can count on you for objective, non-judgmental advice, and caretaking when they're under the weather. Your life lesson will be to seek reciprocal and mutually beneficial relationships--romantic, platonic, and professional--so that you don't get drained by those who take more than they give. Set healthy boundaries to avoid burnout and pay attention to your own needs and selfcare with the same compassion that you so freely give to others.

CANCER MOON: When your moon is in Cancer, you are likely more sensitive to the lunar cycles and other people's moods/energy, so regularly make time to cleanse, recharge, and rejuvenate yourself. You need a home environment that is especially comfortable and exudes warmth and emotional safety. You are fiercely loyal and protective of your close friends and family. You may be a collector of memorabilia and items of nostalgia, but be careful not to allow the past to become a weight that slows you down or stops you from growth. Regularly declutter and evaluate "collections" before they become too much. Trust me when I say your homemade food and handmade crafts are much appreciated by those who love you, so keep creating and experimenting!

CANCER RISING: If you have a Cancer ascendant, you likely have a natural empathy for nearly anyone who crosses your path, so you may often experience strangers sharing their struggles with you and coworkers coming to you for advice. People are drawn to you, and can't help telling you about themselves. Take care to disconnect and rest from emotional connections with others on a regular basis so that you don't feel drained and grumpy. Your love, kindness, imagination, sense of humor, and intuition are all wonderful gifts for your friends and family--be sure to allow yourself to receive as well. 

Cancer crystals: turritella agate, aventurine, blue aventurine, green aventurine, red aventurine, yellow aventurine, calcite, carnelian, chalcedony, moonstone, opal, fire opal, ruby, orange selenite, tektite.

Cancer herbs/plants: aloe, chamomile, lemon balm, holy basil (tulsi).

Famous Cancers: Meryl Streep, Cyndi Lauper, Ariana Grande, Will Ferrell, Missy Elliott, Margo Robbie, Tom Hanks, Selena Gomez, Sandra Oh, Malala Yousafzai, Kevin Hart, Mindy Kaling, Kristen Bell, Lana Del Rey, Lindsay Lohan, Kathy Bates, Harrison Ford, and Nick Offerman.

Cancer season message and suggested spells: When the sun is in Cancer, we may become more protective of our magic, and trust our heightened intuition a bit more. We may feel the need to care for our home and/or family, to do things that feel safe. It is a beautiful time to nurture our craft and tend to our inner life to empower ourselves. Take care to rest when needed, especially if you're feeling off on a particular day, so that you don't do spellwork from a negative or low energy place.

Do what lights you up,

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