Hazel 2024

By S.F. Skyheart - June 13, 2024
Hazel 2024

According to the Celtic Tree Calendar, the period from June 13 - July 10 is associated with two trees, Hazel and Apple.

Hazels are small, deciduous trees with strong, flexible branches, found in the northern hemisphere. They have oval leaves with serrated edges that turn yellow in autumn. Trees bear both male and female flowers in the early spring, before its leaves appear. The male catkins are yellow, and the female blossoms are found on separate twigs but are very small, although bright red. Nuts are called hazelnuts or filberts.

At least 21 species of fungi have a beneficial relationship with Hazel, including several rare types. It also provides food for moths and butterflies, as well as the red squirrel, red deer, and dormouse.

Its wood and branches have been used to make baskets, wattle fencing, tools, and frames of coracle boats. It was believed that a forked Hazel twig had supernatural power, so it was often used in in divining and dousing.

An ancient Celtic legend tells of nine hazel trees growing around a sacred pool with a fountain of wisdom. The hazelnuts (or the trees, depending on who's telling the story) fell into the water, where salmon ate them, gaining secret knowledge of the world. In one version of the story, the salmon shapeshifted into a young maiden, and in another, it shapeshifted into Fintan, aka "The White Ancient," an archetype of Merlin or a wise hermit. In yet another version, a wise poet named Finn Éces, who sought omniscience and great knowledge, spent seven years trying before he caught one of the salmon. He instructed his young apprentice, Demne, to cook it but not eat it. The apprentice did as instructed, but while the salmon was cooking, burned his thumb. He tried to soothe the burnt thumb in his mouth, transferring the hazel wisdom from the salmon to himself. The poet, seeing Demne full of sacred wisdom, bestowed a new name upon him: Fionn Mac Cumhail. Fionn, aka Finn MacCool, became a hero in Gaelic mythology, known for his "thumb of knowledge."

In the original Grimm's fairy tale of Cinderella, she plants a hazel branch at her mother's grave, which grows into a magickal tree that shelters birds who grant Cinderella's wishes.

Hazel is certainly a source of empowerment, wish fulfillment, intuitive connection, inspiration, poetry, music, and art. However, my guides want me to convey a special message that comes through for intersex, transgender, non-binary, gender expansive, and two spirit friends. Consider how Hazel bears both male and female flowers, and know that it is but one of many, many beautiful examples in nature of that sacred wholeness, and confirmation that you are indeed sacred and loved. It is in plain sight, a rather ordinary looking tree, among all the other trees for centuries. You may wish to make a special ritual using Hazel, to celebrate the extraordinary within the ordinary. Happy pride to all!

Do what lights you up,

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