Taurus 2024

By S.F. Skyheart - April 30, 2024
Taurus 2024

Happy Birthday, Taurus readers! 

Taurus friends are known for their practical, earthy, steady nature, and often apply creativity to elevate the mundane, such as interior design, fashion, baking/cooking, or music/art education.

TAURUS SUN: Your life purpose is to savor the moment and to step out of your comfort zone regularly. You’re often so immersed in your experience that those around you stop to appreciate it too. You work hard, but you require consistent time off to enjoy your world. You’re naturally tenacious and resourceful, which sometimes leads to stubbornness, getting stuck in routines, or unnecessary penny pinching. Remember that appreciation for things can occasionally shift from collector to hoarder, so regularly clear clutter to maintain the aesthetically balanced home or office you love. Above all, push yourself to be flexible and compromise in personal and professional situations, and you will thrive.

TAURUS MOON: People often depend on you because you take time to weigh decisions and can be a patient listener. To feel emotionally secure, your home environment and closest relationships must be stable and low drama. However, your loved ones will require you to be flexible and diplomatic rather than transactional and dominant—which is your key in avoiding most conflict. When you insist on your way without allowing space for input from others, it will block you financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Absolutely resist the stubborn escape into stagnant, destructive behaviors that can become addiction and alienate those you love. If you patiently invest your emotions, efforts, and even finances as a team player, you’ll experience an abundance of the security and beauty you crave.

TAURUS RISING: You possess a cultivated, timeless aesthetic in your personal appearance and home décor. You’re often the host of your social circle, because of your beautiful space, cooking skills, charm, and warmth. However, you can ruin the moment with rigid rules and expectations of friends and family. Focus on patience, openness, and creating space for others to be themselves around you, and you’ll build connections that will last decades. You flourish when you practice grounding daily habits such as meditation or yoga, balanced with trying new things and being open to new perspectives.

Taurus Crystals: green aventurine, carnelian, chrysanthemum stone, chrysocolla, copper, emerald, iolite, jade, kunzite, kyanite, blue opal, red opal, rose quartz, rhodonite, selenite.

Taurus Herbs/plants/oils: cardamom, cinnamon, rose, blue chamomile, sage

Famous Tauruses: Adele, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, George Clooney, Tina Fey, Billy Joel, Barbra Streisand, Channing Tatum, Kelly Clarkson, Janet Jackson, Robert Pattinson, Cher, Rami Malek, Tim McGraw, Jack Nicholson, Jessica Alba, Henry Cavill, and Jerry Seinfeld.

Taurus season: When the sun is in Taurus, we may find ourselves needing more patience or more “present moment-ness”. We can do so by involving all of our senses, especially when stepping out of our comfort zone. It’s a perfect time for kitchen witchery, spellwork for business or financial abundance, gardening, tabletop game nights, music playlists that boost creativity and joy, or trying a sound bath.

If you’re interested, here is one of my favorite crystal bowl sound bath practitioners, Healing Vibrations

Do what lights you up,

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