Hazel: Turtle

By S.F. Skyheart - June 13, 2024
Hazel: Turtle

Each of the Celtic trees correlates with an animal symbol. The Celtic month of Hazel, June 13 - July 10, is associated with:

Animal: Turtle

According to The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, turtle represents an ancient soul, someone who is grounded, trusting, and at home in the self. (It's really fun how each of Hazel's correlations seem to be speaking to self-love!) Turtle has a strong relationship with the Earth and water elements simultaneously, which helps to ground and connect them to the deeper truths of life, no matter where their travels lead them. Turtle energy is behind all great writers and storytellers (again, so similar to Hazel) as they collect life experiences under their shells for later use. The most potent turtle energy helps us close all the other books and begin to tell our own true tale. If you've been feeling stuck or out of balance, turtle calls for an adventure to get moving again.

According to Ted Andrews' Animal Wise tarot, painted turtle is associated with the Six of Ancients (wands). They are some of the most common turtles, found nearly everywhere there is fresh water. The appearance of turtle indicates our efforts are about to be rewarded, and signals good news coming with a message of power through perseverance. Painted turtles can teach us the importance and significance of color, mirroring new color coming into our lives. Relationships will get better, healing will take place, and new opportunities will arrive soon. If we are involved in group efforts or projects, just as a group of painted turtles sunning themselves on a log, success will happen for the group that will have lasting impact. 

Indeed, these messages of self-love, being at home with oneself, feeling grounded, and having our efforts (individual or group) pay off, connect beautifully with this month in which many of us celebrate PRIDE. The original Pride was not a party or a parade, it was a protest and a riot. All Here we are, 55 years later, still persevering, still believing, still HERE. This is the journey, isn't it? Self-love, chosen family, community, and activism. Take in the strength of those who came before you, and the mutualistic relationships that continue to persevere together for civil rights, protection, and freedom to tell your stories. 

Do what lights you up,

Please note: Some people start the tree calendar with Birch in January, which follows the solar calendar. However, I learned them in an older tradition, which aligns with the 13-month lunar calendar. It's up to you to discern what feels right for you, of course.

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