Pisces 2024

By S.F. Skyheart - February 18, 2024
Pisces 2024

Happy Birthday, Pisces!

Pisceans are known for their deeply felt emotions, profound intuition, beautiful idealism, poetry, music, mysticism, and dreaminess. They are often award-winning actors, musicians, and artists.

Pisces Sun: You're probably gifted with natural healing ability or strong intuition. Your life purpose is to make a positive difference in this world. Your deep emotions are best expressed through creativity. You may find it difficult to say no to others, so you may encounter a pattern of learning about healthy boundaries with people, especially friends who are drawn to your compassionate listening skills.

Pisces Moon: You need space for daydreaming and creative expression in order to feel grounded and secure in your life. Keep an eye on your emotional boundaries with people who lean on you for support. Build in time alone to recharge and be sure to require others to ask for emotional consent before dumping their problems and draining your energy. Trust your heightened intuition when your gut tells you to steer clear of someone.

Pisces Rising: Your best quality is your gentle nature, which makes you someone other people trust quickly. Guard against absorbing other people's funky moods by establishing strong emotional and spiritual boundaries. Be sure to schedule time to rest and recover from your healing and creative endeavors.

Crystals for Pisces: blue lace agate, amethyst, elestial amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone, coral, fluorite, opal, fire opal, clear quartz, smithsonite, staurolite, turquoise, verdite.

Herbs/Plants for Pisces: mugwort, witch hazel, lilac.

Famous Pisces: Olivia Rodrigo, Rihanna,  Justin Bieber, Molly Ringwald, Trevor Noah, Sydney Poitier, Elliot Page, Drew Barrymore, Millie Bobbie Brown, Dakota Fanning, Shaquille O'Neal, Rebel Wilson, Chris Martin, Simone Biles, Kumail Nanjiani, Chelsea Handler, Rashida Jones, Josh Groban, Javier Bardem, Lupita Nyong'o, Jon Bon Jovi, Daniel Craig, Camila Cabello,  Quincy Jones, Rob Lowe, Kurt Russell, Bruce Willis, Glenn Close.

Pisces Season: It's essential to allow yourself space to feel your emotions, rather than overthink why you're feeling a certain way. Sit with the feelings and perhaps journal any connections or insights you gain after they've moved through you. This will also help you to remain focused on practical matters, rather than drifting away from things that require concentration. This a wonderful time for songwriting, poetry, and creative endeavors that help release emotion. 

It's a good period for healing through a candlelit bath, a moonlit stroll along the ocean, or a playful rainy day walk. Find ways to express humanity's interconnectedness through your music, writing, and art. The world needs your creativity more than ever, because it gives us all permission to experience our feelings.

Do what lights you up,

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