Willow: Swan

By S.F. Skyheart - February 12, 2024
Willow: Swan

Each of the Celtic trees correlates with an animal symbol. The Celtic month of Willow, January 24- February 20, is associated with:

Animal: Swan

In the Ted Andrews' Animal Wise Tarot, the swan is depicted on the temperance card, bringing new dreams and new realms. It symbolizes the child, the poet, and the mystic--those who connect and flow within the present moment. Swan ushers in heightened sensitivity to our feelings, as well as the feelings of others. It encourages us to try new things, but gently cautions us not to jump in blindly, abandoning what we already have. Patience and balance are key. 

According to The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, swan represents heightened creativity that feels effortless and fluid. If swan energy is out of balance, we may feel agitated, snippy, and lack vision. To bring it into balance, we may need solo time to reflect and create--paint, write, make music. Swan is also depicted with the Hindu goddess Sarasvati, who gracefully embodies artistry and writing. 

If you've been going through the motions or keeping too busy with obligations, this may be your sign to make time just for yourself. Listen to your inner child or inner teenager to enjoy more playtime and serenity. Perhaps take up a hobby or interest you "outgrew" or couldn't pursue back when. Personally, I returned to visual art last year, something I'd left behind in high school. I also made a playlist of favorite songs from that time period. Being kinder to myself and allowing my "inner teen" to heal through painting and drawing has definitely increased my awareness and sensitivity toward others.

Do what lights you up,

Please note: Some people start the tree calendar with Birch in January, which follows the solar calendar. However, I learned them in an older tradition, which aligns with the 13-month lunar calendar. It's up to you to discern what feels right for you, of course.

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