Oak 2024

By S.F. Skyheart - April 18, 2024
Oak 2024

According to the Celtic Tree Calendar, the period from April 18 - May 15 is Oak.

The Latin species name for oak is robur, which means "robust," and in Celtic Astrology they are indeed revered for their strength. Oak trees grow about one inch per year, ranging 35 to more than 100 feet tall, with a wide, sturdy trunk. They reach maturity at about 75 years, with an average life span of 150-250 years, but some of the oldest oaks are over 1000 years old. They are among the most resilient and widespread trees on Earth. 

(There is a 300+year old oak near me in West Chicago, which you can see here.)

Oaks have been considered sacred to deities all over the world, including in Celtic, Norse, Roman, and Slavic mythology. Druids also worshipped oaks and would hold their rites in oak groves. Interestingly, Dagda, Thor, Jupiter, and Perun all rule over rain, thunder, and lightning--and oak trees are more prone to being struck by lightning due to their stature and high water content. They are said to carry the consciousness of the ancestors, both familial and spiritual. They are a beautiful, sacred space to clear negativity and gain peace of mind.

Oaks are a keystone species, meaning they play a crucial role in the ecosystem, sustaining local food webs by providing food and shelter to many animals. Contemplate how many people rely on your advice, emotional support, reliability, and strength. Oak helps us to remember we can use that same strength, stability, and wisdom to help ourselves, nurture ourselves, and delegate obligations before we end up burned out. We can be our own keystone, just as we are for others.

At 15-20 years of age, oak trees begin to produce acorns by the thousands. We often overlook the acorn, which is why I chose it for this month's image. Consider the massive, adaptable tree contained within the tiny acorn. Perhaps the greatest inspiration is in the acorn's POTENTIAL to become a mighty oak someday.

Oak reminds us it's time for self-empowerment and summoning inner strength, showing up for ourselves the way we do for others, and for knowing that even when we're resting and recovering, we still carry enormous potential to rise to our dreams when we're ready.

Do what lights you up,

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