Hawthorn: Hagalaz

By S.F. Skyheart - March 21, 2024
Hawthorn: Hagalaz

Each of the Celtic trees correlates with a Rune. Runes are a twenty-four letter alphabet, originating with Germanic tribes as early as the 2nd century. Runic glyphs were carved or etched into bone, wood, leather, jewelry, tools, weapons, and stone. Norse and Viking runic artifacts dating as far back as the 9th century have been found in several Northern European and Scandinavian countries, Russia, Turkey and North America. Notably, runes found in Canada and the United States pre-date Columbus by several hundred years, so he was definitely not the first visitor.

The Celtic month of Hawthorn, March 21- April 17, is associated with:

Rune: Hagalaz

This rune symbolizes disruption, the Great Awakener. It ultimately brings change and freedom. If you draw this rune, it speaks of a core need to break free from the belief that your identity is defined by material world values like career, possessions, and status. It is time for a shake up so you gain a deeper understanding of yourself. 

It can be like the Tower card in the tarot, with circumstances that seem beyond your control and your desired timing. It can bring an end to an outgrown relationship, shift plans unexpectedly, challenge your beliefs, or disconnect you from a career path--anything that was providing a false narrative about who you are and what is meaningful to you.

You are not your job. You are not your love life or relationships. You are not your bank statement. You are not your credit score. You are not your car, house, clothes, neighborhood, or school district. Not really. The world may react and relate to you in certain ways depending on all of those things, but the world sees what it wants and doesn't always know who YOU are. 

Hagalaz can also show up in your life with less drama and more "A-ha!" as if you just awakened from a long slumber. Perhaps you've been caught in obligations and the minutia of life, one foot in front of the other, one day running into the next. This rune will awaken you to moments you can appreciate, building steadily until you find yourself living for those moments and taking deliberate actions to have more time for what matters to you most.

This is not a rune to fear. Know that in the eye of the storm, there is a sacred space for you to grow and gain a new level of inner peace that comes from being connected to your authentic self. If it's financial, remember no one is going to read your credit score at your funeral. If it's a relationship, give yourself time to grieve the loss and/or celebrate the freedom. Whatever it is, it is external. The real and lasting change will be internal.

Do what lights you up,

Please note: Some people start the tree calendar with Birch in January, which follows the solar calendar. However, I learned them in an older tradition, which aligns with the 13-month lunar calendar. It's up to you to discern what feels right for you, of course.

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