Heather: Uraz

By S.F. Skyheart - June 19, 2024
Heather: Uraz

Each of the Celtic trees correlates with a Rune. Runes are a twenty-four letter alphabet, originating with Germanic tribes as early as the 2nd century. Runic glyphs were carved or etched into bone, wood, leather, jewelry, tools, weapons, and stone. Norse and Viking runic artifacts dating as far back as the 9th century have been found in several Northern European and Scandinavian countries, Russia, Turkey and North America. Notably, runes found in Canada and the United States pre-date Columbus by several hundred years, so he was definitely not the first visitor.

The Celtic day Heather is the day before the summer solstice, and is associated with:

Rune: Uraz (or Uruz)

This rune symbolizes strength, which is not surprising in connection with Heather's pervasive survival. It is a rune of endings and new beginnings. If you draw this rune, it indicates that you've outgrown the life you've been living, and you're about to experience positive growth and change. However, in order for that burst of growth to occur, you may first experience a dark period. This is the way of nature: death, decay, fertilization, gestation, and rebirth. 

Uraz may well signal an opportunity disguised as loss of a relationship, job, or activity with which you have a strong emotional bond or even consider part of your identity. But through the radical change, you will gain a new strength and a new perspective. 

I'm thinking of a situation a few years back, when I poured so much energy into an organization that it became a big part of how many people knew me. At first it felt mutually beneficial because I learned as much as I helped others, but over time I came to realize I was giving much, much more than I was receiving, and that I had little time or energy left to nurture my own path. I had to leave that situation behind and forge ahead. It felt pretty dark and heavy in the beginning. But I soon embraced all the "extra" energy to expand in new ways and welcome new opportunities.

Just as nearly any really good story, the ending is really a new beginning. The character has undergone a transformative experience that has lead to their new normal--and that is the beautiful essence of the rune Uraz.

Do what lights you up,

Please note: Some people start the tree calendar with Birch in January, which follows the solar calendar. However, I learned them in an older tradition, which aligns with the 13-month lunar calendar. It's up to you to discern what feels right for you, of course.

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